Blow Moulded Tanks

A combination of advance /new/innovative co-extrusion technology and computer aided design TRIMURTI WATER TANKS display merged advantages of being light weight and sturdy.
As a shift from the prevailing trend, we offer our customers choice of a inlet and 4 outlet points.
The inner anti-backterial layer gives increased resistance to growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.
Also, the UV coated outer layer retards effects of sun rays on the tanks. the middle layer provides toughness & durability to the product.


salient Highlights

Blow Mould Technology - Latest technology ensures evenly spread weight and balanced body.
Multilayer - Marvel of co-extrusion technology.
Bigger Man-Hole - Ease & Flexibility during installation.
4 inlets & 4 Outlets - Ease & flexibility during installation.
Threaded Lid - Prevents entry of dirt and insects and ensures clean water.
Computer Aided Design - Strong & strdy body with better look.
Hygienic - Food grade hdpe prevents contamination of water inside the tanks.
AVAILABLE IN : 250,550,800,1100 & 2200 LITERS.


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