HDPE Pipes

We manufacture TRIMURTI HDPE PIPES from 20 mm to 315 mm in all pressure classes in PE 63 , PE 80 and PE 100 grades as per various international standards like IS : 4984, IS : 14333 and DIN 8074. These pipes are manufactured from high grade HDPE polymers. Our light-weighted Pipes can be used on high altitudes and low temperatures, offering excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and acids. The Flexible HDPE Pipes provided by us renders zero incrustation and savings in pumping and energy cost.



Size: 20mm to 160mm
Length: 6mtrs, 50mtrs, 100mtrs and 500mtrs.
Colour: Black, White and Orange.

salient features

• High corrosion resistance resulting into a longer life.
• High impact strength.
• Extremely light weight and hence easy to handle and    install.
• High abrasion resistance.
• Excellent water hammer resistance.
• Absolutely inert to any pH value.
• Can be used on high altitudes & temperatures as low    as - 50°C.
• Good flow characteristics.
• Virtually maintenance free.
• High UV resistant.
• High Resistance to scaling and biological   buildup.
• Flexible& can be used on any type of surface.
• Corrosion ressistant & can be used for Acids &   Alkalies.


• Submersible pump delivery lines
• Suction and delivery of pumps
• Multi irrigation systems
• Potable water supply
• Lift irrigation and Farm irrigation schemes
• Chilled water circulation
• Rivers/canals crossing under water
• Transmission of acids, alkalis and all   corrosive chemicals
• Good flow characteristics.
• Salt water intake lines
• Rising main and distribution network for raw/filtered water
• Temporary supply system like construction water lines,   drought relief and flood relief
• Liquid and Chemical Transmission in Sugar and Distilleries
• Transmission of edible oils, fruit pulps juices, milk and brine   water making units


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