PVC Pipes

TRIMURTI PVC PIPES are manufactured by an advanced continuous manufacturing technique using a special formulation of raw materials namely Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resin under the BIS specifications IS: 4985:2000. The PVC Pipes have extensive range of applications in the field of Agricultural, Industrial, Domestic and Commercial purpose.



Class - I to Class VI
Pressure Rating - 2.5 Kgf/Cm2 to 12.5 Kgf/Cm2
Size (OD) - 32 mm to 250 mm
Standard Length - 6 meter
Colour - Ivory & Grey

salient features

• Low cost in comparison to G.I. & C.I. Pipes.
• Easy in installation.
• Minimum frictional losses thus saving in   pumping cost.
• 25% higher discharge rate than G.I. Pipes.
• Long life & low maintenance.
• No contamination due to incrustation or corrosion.
• Leak proof joints.
• Fire resistant, non conductor of electricity & low thermal    conductivity.


• Portable water supply
• Sewage / drainage system installations
• Lift irrigation schemes.
• Rain water drainage
• Cable ducting for power & telecommunications
For Riser Main Handpump Pipe


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