We are manufacture high quality TRIMURTI SPRINKLER SYSTEM as per IS 14151 Part-I and Part–II, sizes from 40 mm to 160 mm for all pressure classes. We manufacture these products from the high quality HDPE polymers from the fully automated machines. These pipes are joined with the help of couplers by the latest socket fusion technology and are welded by our expert technician. We conduct the line testing of all our products supplied by us at maximum pressure ratings for HDPE sprinkler systems.



Size: 40mm to 160mm
Length: 6 mtrs.
Colour: Black

HDPE Sprinkler Fittings

• Coupled Bends
• Coupled Tees
• Pump Connecting Nipples
• Adaptor with Foot Bottom
• End caps
• Riser pipes
• High quality sprinkler nozzles

salient features

• Easy to handle and use.
• Flexible and hence perfect for laying on undulated land.
• Leak proof and fully tested.
• Rust proof and UV stable.
• Smooth internal surface and hence low friction loss.
• Quick coupling allows the easy joining\rejoining and   shifting.
• Effective use of water, water fertilizer and    power.
• Safety of crops.
• Reduction of soil erosion.


• Agriculture
        Effective irrigation of cotton, soyabean, gram, groundnut, pulses etc.
• Industrial
        Controlling of dust pollution in cement industries and mining pits
• Others
        Play Ground and Golf course maintenance
        Land Decor and Beautification
        Fish rearing


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